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The Area

Santa Marta is tasty; It is a city where diversity is present in its territory, in its people and in every cultural aspect that composes it, it is a destination that welcomes all its visitors and makes them feel at home.

Things to do in Santa Marta.

Visit Tayrona Park: With its beautiful landscapes of river, mountain and sea it is the number one plan and one that should be mandatory when visiting Santa Marta. It is one of the most spectacular natural parks in Colombia because it not only has unique views, but also has a great variety of marine and terrestrial ecosystems; and a rich archaeological and cultural heritage of indigenous peoples. Further; As if that were not enough, many aquamarine beaches such as La Piscina, Cabo San Juan, Chengue, among others.

Meet the Cathedral of Santa Marta: Regardless of the religious belief you profess, this place should not be missing in your travel itinerary, simply because of its historical and national value.

Visit Taganga: It's another one of the things you should not miss in Santa Marta. Here it seems that time will not pass and perhaps its charm lies in this, it is a town where there are no traces of industrialization; There are no large hotel chains, much less restaurant franchises, much less. Everything that exists is handmade. You can enjoy its beaches, do snorkeling or diving, enjoy a good nightlife.

Enjoy a day in Playa Blanca: Set aside one day of your trip to relax in Playa Blanca - a beautiful beach that is only accessible by boat. Tours to Playa Blanca usually include a stop at the El Rodadero Aquarium, an educational center that you can support with your visit in their conservation projects, while you learn by interacting with the marine life of the coasts of the Colombian Caribbean Sea.

Going to El Rodadero party: The El Rodadero sector in Santa Marta is known among Colombians not only for beaches, but also for the joy it infects at nightfall. Here you will find live music, bars and parties that give life to every corner of its surroundings.

Bird watching in El Dorado: The El Dorado Reserve is a paradise for bird watching lovers. This project is part of a plan to conserve the ecosystem of several species that are in danger of extinction. This place offers guided tours and eco-tourism activities and you will also find a nice place to stay.

Meet Minca in the Sierra Nevada: A few kilometers from Santa Marta, among the dense vegetation of the Sierra Nevada mountains, is Minca. It is a small coastal town that serves as a refuge for the La Victoria coffee farm, famous for the aroma and flavor of its organic coffee, for its trails, its wells and waterfalls for swimming and for the beautiful postcard views.

Try street food in Santa Marta: Street food offers abound in Santa Marta. Be sure to try the ceviche, lobster and fresh fish they sell on the beach, tropical fruits and juices, coconut rice, and trodden patacon. You will not regret.

Visit Nabusimake: Another of the indigenous settlements located in the Sierra Nevada National Natural Park, home of the Arhuacos ethnic group, who to this day live in the village. Although along the Sierra Nevada there are other Arhuacan settlements, Nabusimake is considered the most important of them, because it is the social, political and spiritual capital of this community.


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