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How to get to San Blas from Panama?

To travel by land from Panama City to the Guna Yala Region, specifically to the Ports of Cartí (Niga Kantule, Dubin, Barsukum or Carti Tupile), travel in the direction of Tocumen, passing through December 24, until arriving to Chepo, specifically to the area called "El Llano", marked with the kilometer sign "71", where the deviation of the road that goes to San Blas is located. The average time it takes to drive from the "City" to "El Llano": approximately 1:30 hours to 2 hours. And from this "El Llano" to the "Puerto de Cartí" is approximately 45 min to 1 hour, all this depending on the degree of driver experience, traffic and weather conditions.

10 Things to do in San Blas, Panama

Snorkeling in Isla Perro: Visit dog island and enjoy the Sunken Ship or go to the natural pool and enjoy a marine ecosystem full of colorful fish, starfish and reefs.

Eat a Lobster in San Blas: Whether it's a freshly caught lobster, shrimp or any type of seafood, restaurants offer you on some of the islands.

Buying crafts in Isla Aguja: A Mola, a Sombrero, or simply an accessory with a meaning is the best souvenir you can have on the island.

Visit the Indigenous Community in San Blas: A visit to this community fills you with culture, dances and history and souvenirs. During your trip you can

Play volleyball: In some of the islands you can find mesh options where you can play with your friends and family at no cost.

Try Coconut Water: Test coconut water from the palm tree

Visit the Dutch Keys: In the keys the turquoise color, the immensity of the sea and the sky come together. You can visit the keys on a day tour from the San Blas Islands. The journey takes approximately 2 hours.

Staying in a cabin on the sea: Wailidup Island and Naranjo Island have bungalows where you will not only have a first-rate view but you will not be able to enjoy cabins with wooden floors, hammocks and over the sea.

Camping in San Blas: Isla Perro and Isla Aguja offer camping options if you're feeling adventurous and traveling on a budget.

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