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10 Things to do

Visit the Botero Museum, which is just opposite the García Márquez Cultural Center and is a key point for lovers of art and culture in Colombia. Even if you are not familiar with the works of Fernando Botero, you will love it.

Visit the National Capitol of Colombia, which is the seat of the Congress. It is a beautiful building with elegant architecture that undoubtedly impresses anyone. Although only authorized personnel are allowed in, you can admire its beauty from the outside.


Know the Simón Bolívar House Museum, place where the liberator lived and now you can visit to know more about his life and work. It has exhibitions with various articles and objects of his and everything is well explained, it is worth it if you are interested in history.

Climb the Monserrate hill to have spectacular views of much of Bogotá. It is one of the most visited places in the city and I highly recommend you to go up, you can do it in fonicular for your comfort and I advise you to do it before sunset.

Make one of the most popular excursions in the area to visit the town of Guatavita and follow the legend of El Dorado, a tour full of many stories and a place that you should not miss.

Visit the Botanical Garden of the city, a perfect place if you're looking to get away from the movement and stress. The place is beautiful and you can see beautiful flowers, spend a quiet time, take a walk or walk around its beautiful lake.

Visit the impressive Gold Museum, one of the most impressive in the city. Here you can see a huge collection of different pieces of gold from different periods of history.

Buy souvenirs and crafts in the Rivas Passage. It is a place where you can find many local stalls that sell various things (from typical souvenirs to beautiful handicrafts). I liked it because the treatment is very good and they have good prices.

Take a tour of the various graffiti of the city, there are many all are very beautiful for lovers of art and photography. They are all over Bogota, but in the center you will find many. there are special tours that tell you more about each of them.

Eat the classic ajiaco, a sanchoco or some rich arepas. You will find many typical restaurants where you can try these typical Bogota dishes.

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